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The AIM Adult Immunization Resource Guide contains descriptions of and lessons learned from recent adult immunization activities in selected Immunization Programs. The Resource Guide provides a snapshot of these efforts and serves as a guide for Immunization Program Managers to generate ideas and inform management strategies for promoting adult vaccinations across the nation and territories.

The Adult Immunization Resource Guide covers the following topics, each with its own dedicated chapter:
Each chapter first provides topic-specific background information, including relevant national standards and an overview of related programmatic activity across all Immunization Programs.


Next are the detailed narratives of three adult immunization related activities, one for each level of engagement (Getting Started, Moving Forward, and Taking It to the Next Level). Each activity summary includes lessons learned, relevant resources used or created by the Immunization Program, and who to contact for more information. Throughout the Resource Guide, call-out boxes, charts, maps, and figures are displayed to share additional information on programmatic activities and the adult immunization landscape.


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