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AIM Leadership Development Conference Modules 2018- Phil Griffin
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AIM Leadership Development Conference 2018 Modules

This event was made possible through a Merck educational grant.

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Session: Understanding The Change Cycle Model

Speaker: Phil Griffin, Immunization Program Manager, Kansas

(Presentation Slides)

Part 1: This 25-minute video introduces The Change Cycle and resources designed to supplement this presentation. Phil discusses that change is not only a process but that personal change precedes organizational change. Further, he explains that the implementation of change is different than the implications of change. If you would like to purchase the supplemental resources, they can be found here at a cost of $7.95:



Part 2: In this 29-minute module, Phil describes the science of change in The Change Cycle and the time and intensity of one’s response to change. It includes an exercise that allows participants to look more closely into a specific loss or concern that is most uncomfortable. Viewers wishing to participate in this exercise should purchase the supplemental resources found here at a cost of $7.95:


Part 3: In this 33-minute module, Phil looks closely at the profile of Stage 1 in dealing with change. This profile includes feelings of fear and self-protection. The presentation includes personal perspectives and well as the perspective as a manager and leader when moving yourself and others through change.


Part 4: In this 26-minute module, Phil concludes his discussion of stage 1 with an action plan of change and begins the discussion of stage 2 with profiles of doubt and resistance. Phil explains the thoughts, feelings and behaviors and provides examples of successful communication strategies during this stage. In addition, stage 3 is introduced with profiles of discomfort and the need to accept the steps necessary to move forward.


Part 5: In this 13-minute module, Phil addresses the importance of identifying the specific steps needed to move forward in stage 3 of the change cycle and determining who can help during this process.


Part 6: In this 20-minute module, Phil discusses the fourth, fifth and sixth stages in the Change Cycle. The fourth stage is one of discovery in which one determines what decisions must be made to move forward. The fifth stage is about understanding and involves feelings of enthusiasm, confidence and determination. In this stage, the change process nears completion so it is important to evaluate the process and learn how to meet the next challenge of change. And the sixth and final stage of the change cycle addresses integration and the importance of gaining new knowledge through re-evaluation and re-prioritization.

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