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Lessons from the Field: DDL Section IV
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Providers are required to record temperatures daily and IP staff members are required to review temperature records during site visits. However, IPs can choose to provide additional DDL data oversight to ensure vaccine is kept at correct storage temperatures.

Review this section to learn additional methods of DDL oversight, common policy and procedures, and managing excursions.




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DDL RG: Section IV Resources

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
ND memo to providers to replace storage unit Link Administration 11/29/2017
TN memo on how to report temp excursions Link Administration 11/29/2017
Vermont temperature excursions protocol Link Administration 11/29/2017
ND vaccine storage troubleshooting guide  Link Administration 11/29/2017
TN temp monitoring/excursion guidance: non HD Link Administration 11/29/2017
TN temp monitoring & excursion guidance: PH Dept Link Administration 11/29/2017
TN VFC provider handbook - reporting a temp excurs Link  more ] Administration 11/29/2017
Tennessee staff temperature excursion tracking for Link Administration 11/29/2017
TN staff temp excursion procedures & tracking form Link Administration 11/29/2017
North Dakota staff protocol for managing excursion Link Administration 11/29/2017
RI cloud-based temp monitoring lessons learned Link  more ] Administration 11/29/2017
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