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Chapter 7: Immunization Information Systems
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Immunization information systems (IIS) are computerized databases that record immunization doses administered by participating providers to people residing within a specific jurisdiction. The IIS can be a powerful tool to track and analyze patterns in immunization rates, identify missed opportunities to vaccinate, and identify underserved populations — all with the ultimate goal of increasing immunization rates.

The IIS can be used in many ways to increase vaccination rates in teens. Immunization programs can centrally track rates, send reminders or other education outreach to teens and their families. Providers can review their patient population for those eligible for adolescent vaccines, track and manage their vaccine inventory, monitor for missed opportunities and send reminders that a teen is due for immunizations. In the case of public access to the IIS, teens and their parents can check vaccination status on their own and be prepared to talk to their provider about immunizations. Additional modules in the IIS can allow specific institutions such as schools, local health departments and prisons to monitor vaccination rates of their populations and target activities to increase vaccination rates among adolescents.

The Community Preventive Services Task Force recommends several IIS practices as methods to increase vaccination rates, including reminder/recall, provider assessment and feedback, provider reminders, vaccine management, and vaccine preventable disease (VPD) outbreak response.1 Immunization Programs can use data from the IIS to conduct centralized reminder/recall to inform families that their teen is due for or past due for a recommended vaccination by sending postcards, texts, letters, and emails or by making telephone calls. Pairing the IIS with a provider feedback strategy such as AFIX can help providers identify adolescent patients who are passed due for vaccines and reduce missed opportunities to vaccinate. IISs are also used to manage vaccine inventory and can provide guidance to providers on how much vaccine should be ordered based on their patient information, therefore ensuring providers have enough vaccine on hand. The activities highlighted in this chapter relate to how Immunization Programs can support IIS reminder/recall for adolescents:

  • Getting Started: Centralized, local health department-based adolescent recall (Illinois)
  • Moving Forward: Quarterly adolescent immunization recall (North Dakota)
  • Taking It to the Next Level: Development of IIS-based text message recall functionality (New York City) 

1 Community Preventive Services Task Force. Recommendation for use of immunization information systems to increase vaccination rates. J Public Health Manag Pract.. 2015;21(3):249-252. Available

Immunization Program Highlights

ILLINOIS: Centralized, local health department-based adolescent recall

Using its IIS, the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) Immunization Section worked with local health departments (LHDs) to conduct a centralized recall of adolescents who had initiated but not yet completed the HPV vaccine series.

NORTH DAKOTA: Quarterly adolescent immunization recall

The North Dakota Department of Health (NDDoH) Immunization Program implemented a centralized, statewide recall of adolescents age 12 to 17 years using data from their immunization registry in an effort to increase immunization rates.

NEW YORK CITY: Development of IIS-based text message recall functionality

The New York City (NYC) Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH) Bureau of Immunization developed text message recall functionality in its IIS. 


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