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Chapter 5: Recommendations and Requirements
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The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) is responsible for creating policy recommendations on the use of vaccines and related agents for effective control of vaccine-preventable diseases. Immunization Programs are responsible for implementing new or revised ACIP recommendations in their jurisdictions. Implementing new or updated ACIP recommendations can permeate many facets of the Immunization Program, such as educating teens, parents and health care providers and updating the Immunization Information System (IIS), and Vaccines for Children (VFC) policy and procedures. Each of these items requires planning and coordination across the Immunization Program, with providers, schools, parents, and other community partners.

According to physicians, 78% of teens have received the vaccinations recommended for this point in life. 1 However, adolescent vaccination rates are not at an optimal level, and in some cases, are far below Healthy People 2020 immunization goals.2

In addition to implementing ACIP recommendations, Immunization Programs must also implement state/local/territorial vaccination requirements. Many of the requirements are based around entry into childcare, elementary school, middle school or college, as well as participation in certain extracurricular activities like sports teams or clubs.

The activities highlighted in this chapter relate to implementation of recommendations and requirements:

  • Getting Started: Getting a jump start on new or revised ACIP vaccine recommendations (North Dakota)
  • Moving Forward: Implementing a new school requirement for meningococcal conjugate vaccine (New York State)
  • Taking It to the Next Level: Taking It to the Next Level: Updating VFC policy and school requirements for meningococcal B vaccine (Indiana)

Immunization Program Highlights

North Dakota: Getting a jump start on new or revised ACIP vaccine recommendations

The North Dakota Department of Health Immunization Program Manager listens to ACIP meetings via the CDC webcast link to quickly disseminate to providers information related to new or revised immunization recommendations and begin planning programmatic adjustments

NEW YORK STATE: Implementing a new school requirement for meningococcal conjugate vaccine

In response to a new school-entry requirement affecting adolescents, the New York State Department of Health Bureau of Immunization took a variety of steps to support its implementation.

Indiana: Updating VFC policy and school recommendations for MenB vaccine

The Indiana State Department of Health Immunization Program implemented a requirement for VFC providers to stock MenB vaccine and planned to require or recommend the vaccine for incoming students in grade 12.

Adolescent Guide: Chapter 5 Resources

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