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CHAPTER 3: Engaging Stakeholders
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A stakeholder is a person, group, or organization that has interest in an organization’s mission and activities. Immunization Programs can pull together a variety of stakeholders to help develop and implement activities to increase adolescent immunization rates. Engaging immunization stakeholders—such as state and/or local immunization coalitions, local health departments, professional medical associations, community groups, and schools—allows for sharing of resources and leveraging skills and expertise. Considering stakeholder needs and interests throughout the process of implementing an activity is critical to success.

Recommendation 3.3 from the National Vaccine Advisory Committee’s report on overcoming barriers to low HPV vaccination rates recommends engaging stakeholders by promoting collaboration among all stakeholders to coordinate communications and messaging that increases message consistency across professional organizations and their constituencies.1 The US National Vaccine Plan, established in 2010, has a similar message and stresses the importance of obtaining broad-based input from stakeholders as well as the public when developing new immunization policies, and assessing existing ones. Stakeholder engagement is critical when it comes to the communication of vaccine benefits, risks, and recommendations, according to the National Vaccine Plan.2

Immunization Programs across the country work to actively engage stakeholders in adolescent immunization campaigns, such as supporting immunization coalition-led projects to increase coverage rates, establishing relationships with new partners involved in adolescent immunization (eg, cancer prevention programs), and forming groups with multiple internal and external partners to share ideas and collaborate on adolescent immunization activities.



MICHIGAN: Managing overlapping stakeholder initiatives
The Michigan Immunization Program is currently planning strategies for sustaining its HPV stakeholder group now that the HPV-specifc Prevention and Public Health Fund (PPHF) funding period is over.



MONTANA: Establishing a statewide workgroup to address adolescent immunization
The Montana Immunization Program has established a workgroup to address adolescent immunization in the state.                            



ALASKA: Building on jurisdiction-specifc connections through an HPV stakeholder group
The Alaska Immunization Program formed a new HPV joint initiative workgroup to provide input on HPV PPHF grant activities and increase collaboration across partners related to increasing HPV immunization rates.


1 Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) National Vaccine Advisory Committee. Overcoming Barriers to Low HPV Vaccine Uptake in the United States: Recommendations from the National Vaccine Advisory Committee. Public Health Reports. 2016; 131:17-25.
2 DHHS. The 2010 National Vaccine Plan. Accessed on July 30, 2017. Last reviewed on November 14, 2016.


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