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CHAPTER 9: Using IIS to Expand Adult Vaccinations
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Immunization information systems (IIS) are confidential, community-wide, computerized databases that record vaccines administered by providers. IIS can help providers assess their patients’ immunization status, identify the types of vaccines that an adult may need based on a variety of factors, and send reminder and recall notifications to patients. IIS help providers find and take steps to reduce missed opportunities to vaccinate their adult patients. By using an IIS, providers can properly address low adult vaccination rates in their practice setting.

Currently, 60 of 64 Immunization Programs have an IIS that includes adult patients, yet adult participation in IIS remains low.1 Only 32% of adults nationally are included in an IIS.2 The National Adult Immunization Plan 2020 goal is for 50% of adults age 19 and older to have one or more immunizations recorded in the IIS.3 Challenges to increase adult participation in IIS include gathering immunization information from the many diverse providers that serve adults, a lack of state mandates for adult immunization reporting by providers, and technical challenges involving how data is submitted by provider offices to the IIS.



Idaho: Allowing non-enrolled adult providers to report to IIS

The Idaho Immunization Reminder and Information System (IRIS) accepts immunization data from adult providers, even ones who are not otherwise enrolled with the Idaho Immunization Program.



Iowa: Adult benchmarks in IIS

Measures of vaccine coverage for selected adult vaccines were added to benchmark report options in the Iowa Immunization Registry Information System (IRIS).


  Michigan: IIS-based immunization report cards

Michigan created a county-level Immunization Report Card that presents coverage levels for select vaccine measures across the lifespan using data from the state’s immunization information system (IIS).
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