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Providing opportunities for vaccination in the community may increase the likelihood that adults receive a vaccine, due to the increased convenience of not having to go to a provider office. Creating the opportunity for immunization services within an adult’s community can reduce barriers that prevent adults from receiving preventive services such as time away from work, transportation to a clinic facility and the need for child care. Places to provide vaccine in the community can include faith-based organizations, community groups, and colleges and universities. Residents of long-term care facilities and those in correctional facilities can benefit from on-site vaccination.

Community-based interventions in combination with vaccinations are recommended activities by the Community Preventive Services Task Force (CPSTF).1 The National Adult Immunization Plan and the Standards for Adult Immunization Practice both cover the need to educate and collaborate with community groups to reach adults in need of recommended vaccines.2, 3

Immunization Programs can support adult immunization through community based outreach with groups such as faith-based organizations, and partnerships with organizations with resident populations (e.g., universities, long-term care facilities).



ARKANSAS: Workshop toolkit for community and faith-based organizations

Through the Flu Prevention Workgroup of the Arkansas Immunization Action Coalition, the immunization program is involved in putting together a toolkit for community and faith-based organizations to conduct their own flu prevention workshops.


  MICHIGAN: College and university flu vaccination challenge

The Michigan College and University Flu Vaccination Challenge aims to increase flu vaccination rates of college-aged young adults through a friendly competition among participating colleges and universities.
  OREGON: Partnering with the Department of Corrections

The Oregon Immunization Program partnered with the Oregon Department of Corrections (ODOC) Health Services Administration since 2003 to support the vaccination of inmates.


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3 “Standards for Adult Immunization Practice.” Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. National Vaccine Advisory Committee, 2013. Web.
4 2015 AIM Annual Survey, 63 of 64 state/city/territorial Immunization Programs completed the survey that was administered online April - June 2015.


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