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CHAPTER 3: Partnerships for Reaching Uninsured Adults
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Research has found that people without health insurance coverage have less access to care and are less likely than those with insurance to receive preventive care and services for major health conditions and chronic diseases.1

For example, the influenza vaccination coverage rate in 2012 among adults 18 years and older without health insurance was 14.4% versus 44.3% for those with insurance.2 It is estimated that 13% of the non-elderly adult population (ages 18-64) was uninsured in 2015.3

In a study of Californians, insured adults were more likely to have a usual source of health care (61%) than the uninsured (43%).4 Safety net providers such as community health centers remain an important place of care for uninsured adults. Since uninsured adults may not have a usual source of health care, reaching this population is enhanced through the use of partnerships that reach adults in all walks of life.

Immunization Programs can improve access to vaccines for the uninsured by partnering with organizations that serve this population, such as public clinics.



RHODE ISLAND: Utilizing patient assistance programs for vaccinating uninsured adults

The Rhode Island Immunization Program works with Community Health Centers to utilize vaccine companies’ patient assistance programs to secure vaccines for uninsured adults.


CHICAGO: Community Health Center Quality Improvement Initiative

The Chicago immunization program provided technical assistance and vaccines to participating community health centers (CHCs) to help improve their adult vaccination efforts.

  TEXAS: Adult Safety Net Program

The Adult Safety Net (ASN) Program provides publicly-purchased vaccine at no cost to enrolled safety net providers for administration to uninsured adults.

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