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Adolescent Immunization Resource Library
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Resources and tools to enhance and improve the delivery of vaccination to adolescents from middle school to college.

Adolescent National Campaigns/Resources

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
AAFP Adolescent IZ Resource Library Link  more ] Administration 9/6/2017
MCV4 You’re Not Done if You Give Just One, Give 2  Link  more ] Administration 9/6/2017
CHOP VaxEducation Center Booklet: Teen Vax Link  more ] Administration 9/6/2017
IAC Immunization Info for Teens Link  more ] Administration 9/6/2017
CDC Adolescent Immunization Promo Materials  Link  more ] Administration 9/6/2017
CDC Info for Parents of adolescents (aged 7-18) Link  more ] Administration 9/6/2017

Adolescent Resources for Immunization Programs

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
AIM Adolescent Immunization Webinar- April 2017 Link  more ] Administration 5/8/2018
16 Yr Old Platform-Strategies for Improvement PDF (235.47 KB) Administration 4/29/2018
Sample NIS Teen Social Media and Blog DOCX (17.65 KB) Administration 12/5/2017
AIM Provider Letter Sample on NIS Data DOCX (16.05 KB) Administration 9/5/2017
SAHM Position Statement on 16 Yr Old Platform Link  more ] Administration 9/5/2017
Mott Poll Press Release Link Administration 9/5/2017
Mott Poll Website Link  more ] Administration 9/8/2017
Mott Poll Report Link  more ] Administration 9/5/2017
UNITY Adolescent Health and Immunization Poll Link  more ] Administration 9/5/2017
Unity Adolescent IZ White Paper-Challenges for HCP Link Administration 9/5/2017
Bill Atkinson on Adolescent IZ Webinar Recording Link  more ] Administration 8/22/2017
AIM Press Statement On Unity Consortium Efforts Link  more ] Administration 8/22/2017
AIM Statement on 16 Yr Old Platofrm Link  more ] Administration 8/22/2017
Sample letter to VFC Provs on 16 yr old platform Link  more ] Administration 8/22/2017
AIM Adolescent Resource Guide Link  more ] Administration 8/22/2017

Adolescent Resources for Providers

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Course: You Are the Key to HPV Cancer Prevention Link  more ] Administration 9/8/2017
E-Learning Course: Vaccines & Vax Hesitancy Link  more ] Administration 9/8/2017 Website Link  more ] Administration 9/8/2017
Practical Approaches to Optimize Adolescent IZ Link  more ] Administration 12/5/2017
The Need to Optimize Adolescent Immunization  Link  more ] Administration 9/8/2017
AAFP Foundation “At a Glance” Teen Vax Factsheet Link  more ] Administration 9/6/2017
AAFP Adolescent IZ Resource Library Link  more ] Administration 9/6/2017
The Three C’s- HCP Recommendations for Teen Vax Link  more ] Administration 9/6/2017
Customizable Reminder Postcard for 2nd Dose of MCV Link  more ] Administration 9/6/2017
Checklist for Providers to Improve IZ Services Link Administration 9/6/2017
IAC Needle Tips- 16 Yr Old Platform Link  more ] Administration 9/6/2017
Top 10 Ways to Improve Adolescent IZ Rates Link  more ] Administration 9/6/2017

Adolescent State & Local Campaigns/Resources

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Nevada You are the Key for an HPV Free NV Link  more ] Administration 9/6/2017
North Dakota Adolescent Immunization PSAs Link  more ] Administration 9/6/2017
Pennsylvania #UDontGetIt Campaign Link  more ] Administration 9/6/2017
Montgomery Co. IZ Coalition Teen Vaccine Video Link  more ] Administration 9/6/2017
Iowa Adolescent Immunization Brochure Link Administration 9/6/2017
Florida Adolescent Immunization Flyers Link Administration 9/6/2017
Hawaii Vaccines for Preteens & Adolescents Webpag Link  more ] Administration 9/6/2017
New Jersey Protect Me with 3+ Campaign Link  more ] Administration 9/6/2017
Montana Teen Vax Challenge Link  more ] Administration 9/6/2017
South Dakota HPV is Cancer Prevention infographic Link Administration 9/6/2017
EverThrive Illinois, HPV Social Media Toolkit  Link  more ] Administration 9/6/2017
Missouri Teens & Vax Awareness Toolkit & IZ 441 t Link  more ] Administration 9/6/2017
Michigan Alliance for Immunization, Adolescent I Link  more ] Administration 9/6/2017
Alaska Dept of Health HPV Resources Link  more ] Administration 9/6/2017
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