MN “Just Another Shot: Reframing the HPV Vaccine” Video

Mounting evidence shows that the way health care providers offer HPV vaccine likely contributes to its lack of acceptance.  The Minnesota immunization program created a video to train health care providers on offering the HPV vaccine in the same way that they offer vaccines.  The video starts with parody segments of providers talking about vaccines with patients in an obviously inappropriate way and follows with model encounters showing providers recommend vaccinations and answer common questions.  The video is narrated by a locally well-known practicing family physician.  The finished video was placed on YouTube and the program’s webpage for immunizers of adolescents. 

This was also presented as part of the AIM’s HPV Call to Action webinar series. Access the recording here:

Associated Files: MN Bull's Eye Submission Minnesota - 2016

Years: 2015

Locations: Minnesota

Programmatic Areas: Communication

Key Words: Health Promotion, HPV, provider education

Evidence Based: Yes

Evaluations: Yes

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