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Program Resource Library
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Adolescent Immunization Toolkit

Update Copy "Click on the links below to access a collection of AIM, immunization program and partner resources resources and tools to enhance and improve the delivery of vaccination to adolescents from middle school to college. The resource libraries are organized according to:

  • Resources for Immunization Programs
  • National Public Education Campaigns/Resources
  • State & Local Public Education Campaigns/Resources
  • Resources for Providers

This Resource Guide was made possible through support from Sanofi Pasteur

Adolescent IZ Resources for IZ Programs

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
AIM Provider Letter Sample on NIS Data DOCX (16.05 KB) Administration 9/5/2017
SAHM Position Statement on 16 Yr Old Platform Link  more ] Administration 9/5/2017
Mott Poll Press Release Link Administration 9/5/2017
Mott Poll Press Release Link Administration 9/5/2017
Mott Poll Website Link  more ] Administration 9/8/2017
Mott Poll Report Link  more ] Administration 9/5/2017
UNITY Adolescent Health and Immunization Poll Link  more ] Administration 9/5/2017
Unity Adolescent IZ White Paper-Challenges for HCP Link Administration 9/5/2017
Bill Atkinson on Adolescent IZ Webinar Recording Link  more ] Administration 8/22/2017
AIM Press Statement On Unity Consortium Efforts Link  more ] Administration 8/22/2017
AIM Statement on 16 Yr Old Platofrm Link  more ] Administration 8/22/2017
Sample letter to VFC Provs on 16 yr old platform Link  more ] Administration 8/22/2017
AIM Adolescent Resource Guide Link  more ] Administration 8/22/2017

Adolescent IZ Resources: Providers

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Course: You Are the Key to HPV Cancer Prevention Link  more ] Administration 9/8/2017
E-Learning Course: Vaccines & Vax Hesitancy Link  more ] Administration 9/8/2017 Website Link  more ] Administration 9/8/2017
Practical Approaches to Optimize Adolescent Immuni Link  more ] Administration 9/8/2017
The Need to Optimize Adolescent Immunization  Link  more ] Administration 9/8/2017
AAFP Foundation “At a Glance” Teen Vax Factsheet Link  more ] Administration 9/6/2017
AAFP Adolescent IZ Resource Library Link  more ] Administration 9/6/2017
The Three C’s- HCP Recommendations for Teen Vax Link  more ] Administration 9/6/2017
Customizable Reminder Postcard for 2nd Dose of MCV Link  more ] Administration 9/6/2017
Checklist for Providers to Improve IZ Services Link Administration 9/6/2017
IAC Needle Tips- 16 Yr Old Platform Link  more ] Administration 9/6/2017
Top 10 Ways to Improve Adolescent IZ Rates Link  more ] Administration 9/6/2017

Adolescent IZ Resources-National Public Education

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
AAFP Adolescent IZ Resource Library Link  more ] Administration 9/6/2017
MCV4 You’re Not Done if You Give Just One, Give 2  Link  more ] Administration 9/6/2017
CHOP VaxEducation Center Booklet: Teen Vax Link  more ] Administration 9/6/2017
IAC Immunization Info for Teens Link  more ] Administration 9/6/2017
CDC Adolescent Immunization Promo Materials  Link  more ] Administration 9/6/2017
CDC Info for Parents of adolescents (aged 7-18) Link  more ] Administration 9/6/2017

Adolescent IZ Resources-State/Local Public Edu

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Nevada You are the Key for an HPV Free NV Link  more ] Administration 9/6/2017
North Dakota Adolescent Immunization PSAs Link  more ] Administration 9/6/2017
Pennsylvania #UDontGetIt Campaign Link  more ] Administration 9/6/2017
Montgomery Co. IZ Coalition Teen Vaccine Video Link  more ] Administration 9/6/2017
Iowa Adolescent Immunization Brochure Link Administration 9/6/2017
Florida Adolescent Immunization Flyers Link Administration 9/6/2017
Hawaii Vaccines for Preteens & Adolescents Webpag Link  more ] Administration 9/6/2017
New Jersey Protect Me with 3+ Campaign Link  more ] Administration 9/6/2017
Montana Teen Vax Challenge Link  more ] Administration 9/6/2017
South Dakota HPV is Cancer Prevention infographic Link Administration 9/6/2017
California Preteen Vaccine Week Resources Link  more ] Administration 9/6/2017
EverThrive Illinois, HPV Social Media Toolkit  Link  more ] Administration 9/6/2017
Georgia Preteen Vaccine Awareness Week Campaign To Link  more ] Administration 9/6/2017
Missouri Teens & Vax Awareness Toolkit & IZ 441 t Link  more ] Administration 9/6/2017
Michigan Alliance for Immunization, Adolescent I Link  more ] Administration 9/6/2017
Alaska Dept of Health HPV Resources Link  more ] Administration 9/6/2017
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